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Filling your ipod…update!

Back at the tail end of 2009 I put up a post entitled “Filling your ipod…” that gave links to some interesting security related podcasts. As It’s close to the 2 year mark, and a lot has happened in both security and the podcasting scene over that time, I thought it was time for a refresh. The landscape has changed a bit, with new additions and others falling by the wayside…

I won’t list all the podcasts in my feed here, simply because I don’t actually listen to every episode of every podcast on the list. There are a select few that I list to on a regular basis on the trip to and from work, however there are many more that I dip into when the topic seems interesting. The Hacker Public Radio feed is a prime example of this, where the topics can range from highly technical, to a short musical clip. Just because it’s in the feed, doesn’t mean you HAVE to listen to them all. I’ve included an export of my entire feed for those foolhardy enough to use it ;)


  • Security Podcast Feed Complete Export (OPML Format) –> XML

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