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First Post

The last week has been… well a little stressful. I suddenly realised (this happens to me a lot so expect that phrase to be on speed dial) that I’ve got less than 7 weeks before I fly to India. For those that don’t know I’m headed to India on the 11th October for 6 weeks of intensive technical training. Finally I get a chance to get the damned Microsoft MCSE 2003 out the way, after about 3 years of trying. Also to boot I get to take a couple of security qualifications (pretty simple ones to get the ball rolling) and then I can look to the future…. Who said unemployment was all relaxation again ???

Anyway I was talking about sudden realisations…. I have infront of me now about 8 books I need to read before I head to India. On the NAS I have in the server room here (yes we have a server room in the house) I have about 100gb of video training I also wanted to watch. So question is, who’s going to invent me a time machine so I can get through all this stuff in the next few weeks.
So much fun, even when you don’t take into consideration the week holiday Gika and I have planned at the end of September. Finally I get to lay on a beach with a bikini clad beauty and I have to read a big thick IT book. So sad and pathetic.

Ok ramblings over… I’ve got books to read. Next time I’m going to talk about my trip to the Chaos Computer Camp near Berlin. So look forward to that 😉

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