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Chaos Computer Camp

Well I said I’d talk a little about te trip to he Chaos Computer Camp… So here it goes….
The Chaos Computer Club for those that don’t know, are (or at least were) a rather notorious group of hackers in Germany dating back to the days of the cold war and Cliff Stoll. If you don’t know who they are, he is or who Karl Koch is, then wiki it and learn something 😉

Anyway I digress… Anyway once every 4 years in Germany they throw a large out door party lasting about 5 or 6 days under the guise of a hacking and security conference. I decided that as I’m only a few hours away in the deepest darkest corner of Austria, that I’d head along.

Well apart from the obvious talks about hacking, security and general IT stuff…. it was one long party. It’s not often you’re sitting up at 5am talking to some guys from Germany in half English half German about the benefits of Linux, Plan9 and Minix over standard Unix distributions like Solaris and HP-UX. It’s even more strange when you’re all a little wasted.

You learn the funniest things at 3am when talking to random people. Although the talks where ok, most of the things I learned where far from a stage, and far from a normal learning experience.

I’ve heard since coming back that the CCC are running the event again in 2 years in Holland somewhere….. so I’ll be heading along for that I’m sure.

There are some pictures on my new flickr page for viewing…. these can be accessed by the pictures link on the right side of this page or by going to http://www.flickr.com/photos/c22/ enjoy…..

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