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Another day, another chapter

Huge Book of doom Well, a new day dawns and it’s back to hitting the books (unfortunately not literally). This book I’m currently reading (Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure by J.C. Mackin and Ian McLean) despite it being an official Microsoft Press book, is, well how to put it nicely. It’s crap…. badly written in a very unengaging fashion, with poor examples and a tendancy to repeat things in a way that can only be for the purposes of making the book look bigger. Still what can you do… it’s the study guide and even if it makes you sleep you’Ve got to read it. 7 Chapters done… only 11 left…

As a parting note.. I’m trying out Windows Live Writer for my blog updates. Seems better than the online interface or the recent apps I’ve tried. All those Bloggers out there should give it a go…. even though it is M$ 😉

Site of the day is….. http://icanhascheezburger.com/ 

lol catz get my vote everytime !!!

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