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Ah gotta love Windows Vista


Well, another day and another annoying thing about  Windows Vista… This time the joy of putting in a CD and clicking on it to install some practice questions (from Microsoft) and having the system say “You you want to format this blank media” oh thank you so much Microsoft… The DVD is fine…. if you go to a command prompt and type D: (or whatever your CD/DVD drive letter is) it works. So where is the problem. Well as usual it’s a problem in the things Microsoft give you as little add-ons. This time, as with Windows XP, it’s the poorly designed CD/DVD burning part of the OS. Although this time you can’t just turn it off by right clicking your CD/DVD drive, going to the recording tab and removing a tick. Microsoft don’t want you using software from anybody else for anything….. so you have to disable this in local policy. For those who might need a push in the right direction, that’s gpedit.msc from the run command ;)…. You’ll find it under .:

User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Windows Explorer

Just set the “Remove CD Burning Features” to Enabled… you can then reboot, or run a gpupdate /force at a command prompt and you’re away and running 😉

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