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wish me luck ;)

Well I’m a few minutes away from headed into my 4th exam here (70-294, the second of the design requirement exams I need to do) This one isn’t so hard as the others, at least according to rumours and comments from other pupils. So hopefully I’ll pass without too much of a problem.

The 3rd tutor is great, compared to the other 2 I had for the last 2 weeks he’s Einstein. This means that at least for the next couple of exams I’ll be getting the correct info to pass, instead of just a yes answer to everything eve if it’s wrong…. this is a good thing.

 Anyway, wish me luck off to face the test….

One response to “wish me luck ;)

  1. Gika October 31, 2007 at 09:02

    good luck. Though i don’t think you need it ^^;

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