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Going strong

Well taken a couple more exams since the last post…. not too much of a problem as the design exams seem to come easily to me. Then again the questions just seem a little too obvious. Kinda like “Are you stupid ?” yes, no or not sure….. well anyway, they’re done and out the way now. Currently I’m studying ISA server 2004, which is new to me (although the basics of the technology aren’t new the product is). Then next week I’ve got my Security+ exam which should be the last exam I need for my MCSE 2003: Security… long time coming…

CEHAnyway, after that I’ve got my CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and now ECSA/LPT (EC-Council Certified Security Administrator / Licensed Penetration Tester). The last one is a change of plans as when I booked it didn’t exist. Still not it does and it links to the CEH well. Hopefully I’ll be in a class with at least 1 other person for these 2 classes, as I think they’d benefit from some conversation and input from multiple people. So many things to learn, so little time.

It’s getting kinda quiet here. Lots of people have headed home in the last week, and only a few are left at our center in Shimla. Still next week is a new class, so maybe some interesting people will turn up 😉

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