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Final Scheduled exam….

Today I took and passed my final scheduled exam… the world famous </sarcasm> ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst). The exam was pretty hard considering I thought we covered the material quite well. The reason was probably because the questions were so ambiguous and open to opinion, some others were just so far into the detail that nobody would ever remember them. Anyway, done and done.

I’ve scheduled another exam for Thursday morning (yeah I know, glutton for punishment eh). The Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 exam (70-089). I did the course a few years back, and never got a chance to do the exam due to real life issues. Anyway, now I get the chance if I can swat up on things tomorrow. I’ve been using SMS for a while now in London and Munich, so hopefully I can do it. Anyway, it’s only $50 if I fail, so not the earth….

Friday evening, I’m home….. I can’t wait…..

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