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Slacking off

Well Christmas has come and gone without too much incident. I’m afraid to say that I’ve been slacking slightly with things and taking a bit of a break from stress for a few days. I guess everybody deserves a little break here and there after all. Still I’ve had a number of interviews for server support roles in Vienna and local to me here (3 to be exact). This is pretty good as I only sent out 6 CV’s for some selected jobs. It’s shocking even to me to be honest. Anyway I’ll resist on commenting on those interviews until I’m more certain where I want to be, as I know a few people from those companies are aware of my blog (sorry about that).

Man-on-sofa-laptop_tcm4-447351 German studies are coming along well enough (although never well enough to please Gika 😉 ) I finished my last stint in Vienna at the Deutsch Akadamie and got 1’s all round in spoken and written (for those not used to the German/Austrian system of grading it’s graded 1-5 with 5 being bad…) So I’m pretty happy with that. I’ve started to read more in German and understand things a little better every time. I’ve finally found a crossover from my learning and technical reading to my German studies, so I’ll be reading my Linux magazines in German from now on.

Anyway, sorry about the break and I’ll be up to speed on my blogging next week I hope….

On a related note C|net news picked up on something I recently mentioned and posted an article…. enjoy

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