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KDE 4 almost here !!!

kde_konqi_200x250Only a couple more days until the release of KDE4. From what I’ve seen the new environment is a lot more “visually” pleasing than the KDE3 branch. However for me the big plus is that it appears the KDE packages are available for install individually and not just as a KDE-Multimedia (for example) package. This is a welcome change for people looking to implement KDE in a working environment where you need set packages and not the default hit and hope install.

It’s great to have 1000 apps installed at the touch of a button, and with such large hard drives who would argue that it’s acceptable to do that. However, for those people keeping up with the bugs that occur in every piece of software, 100 apps that are used regularly are always easier to handle (just take the recent VLC bug for a prime example) 

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