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ICEi exhibition

I’m headed out tonight with a couple of friends to the ICEi conference in London. It should be interesting to see the next generation of gaming and how it will influence future computer design. Hopefully pictures will be forthcoming once I’m back on Thursday (not taking any laptop with me this time)

It’ll also be good to catchup with a few people while in the UK. Chiedozi who I met in India will be around for some drinks and chat. I’m keen to learn more about his recent CISSP exam and study techniques. He’s not sure if he’s passed yet, but it’ll be interesting to hear something about the exam. Along with that, I’ll also have a chance to pop into my old office in London and chat to some old work colleges. I’m sure they won’t have missed me in the past few years…. still maybe I’ll get a free cup of tea 😉

One response to “ICEi exhibition

  1. Gika January 23, 2008 at 19:08

    Have fun, but not too much without me 😉

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