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VMware Server 2

Originally written March ’08

I’ve been struggling with VMware Server 2.0 (beta) now for the last 4 days and must say, compared with VMware server 1 it’s horrible. The interface (java based naturally) is slow, clunky, and unreliable. The amount of times I’ve had to reboot just to get the thing working right is just scary to think about. Also it seems to have a bug where if you enable booting from a CD/DVD image (iso image for example) to run an install, it will stop booting from this image once a boot record is present on the virtual hard drive (MBR). This has caused no end of problems as, due to the flakyness of the vmware front-end, I’ve had to cancel at least 3 installs of Debian and restart them. Of course, this has meant deleting the virtual hard drive and recreating it again through the front-end, not a quick process for an 8gb image file… you can see the endless loop coming a mile off. This then crashes and… well you get the idea of my last few days 😉

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