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SANS: Last prep exam, done and done

So, I finally got a chance to sit down for a few hours and finish the last of my 2 free prep exams from GIAC/SANS. Overall I’m happy with the results, but a little annoyed at a couple of the questions I missed. It’s always the easy ones that I tend to get wrong. I usually catch them as I run through the answers before clicking the dreaded APPLY or COMMIT buttons. SANS however doesn’t allow this and as soon as you answer, you’ve answered. Still, just means I need to spend a few more seconds re-reading each question and answer to make sure I’m not being a moron again.

Hopefully I’ll be taking the full test this week sometime and I’ll let you know what the results are. I’m aiming for over 90% so I can have the chance to work as a SANS Mentor in the future…. but I’ll settle for more if IO can get it.

Always aim for 100%.. at least that’s what I do 😉 Wish me luck….

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