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Quantum encryption

(CC) by Ethan HeinIt’s been a slow month for the blog… too much work to get through and a general lack of enthusiasm are to blame. Still, I’m not sure how this little news story got past me. The security applications of quantum encryption would be imense as long as it works as advertised.

It seems that a group of people much smarter than most have managed to demonstrate a working example of quantum encryption right here in Austria. The full details of the story can be found HERE.

On a more personal note the town of St. Pölten mentioned in the story is only about an hour away. I’ll be giving a talk there on “Information Disclosure” at the IT-SecX event on the 31st. Due to lack of time coming up with the content, it will be a less technical talk than I was hoping. But you can only achieve so much in 24 hours (had to meet the CFP deadline). If anybody is attending, drop me a line.

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