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25C3 Schedule online

conference-128x128The CCC has released the first version of it’s schedule for the 25C3 conference in Decemeber. The lineup looks good from what I’ve seen, but as yet no Dan Kaminsky (maybe he’s tired of talking DNS). Comments on Twitter seem to be that he’ll be at the conference, but needs to confirm with the organisers before he’s added to the schedule.

A couple of things that look good from first glance: Attacking Rich Internet Applications, Banking Malware 101, Hacking into Botnets, An introduction to new stream cipher designs, Full disk encryption internals

I’m sure there’s more goodness to come…

2 responses to “25C3 Schedule online

  1. Dan Kaminsky November 25, 2008 at 13:08

    Oh I’m definitely tired of talking DNS 🙂 But I’ll definitely be at CCC, and I’ll probably end up talking DNS-y stuff.

  2. Chris Riley November 25, 2008 at 18:39

    That’s good to hear… although please don’t break the internet again, once per year is enough 😉

    It’s my first time at the Congress, hope it’s as good as the camp last year (from what I remember of it at least).

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