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Playing with DECT Phones

Thankfully December is over and done with, and it’s a new year. December was very chaotic (pun intended), with both the SANS London event, and the 25C3 in Berlin. Both were great, and both were covered with varying success in posts on the blog. Sorry if the posts from 25C3 came off a little odd, most were general observations written while in presentations using my laptop (when it had a battery) or my blackberry (when I didn’t accidentally delete them). Still, I hope you got something good out of it the comments at least.

One presentation I missed at 25C3 was the DECT talk from the team at unDECTed.org. Although most of the press has been on the MD5 Certificate issues, the DECT presentation also showed that things we take for granted (i.e. closed source encryption and devices in general) are not as secure as we like to think. I’ve order one of the COM-ON-AIR PCMCIA TYP II cards to have a play around myself. So look out for an update coming soon 😉

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