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Defcon, is it over already ?

Well Defcon has come and gone. For those following my blog (sorry about that), you might have noticed a lack of posts covering what I saw at Defcon. This was for several reasons. They’re  good reasons honest, and none of them are that I was too scared to get on the Defcon network or that I was too hungover (although I won’t deny I attended a party or 6).

Defcon was, for me, a chance to finally meet a group of people who I’ve been conversing with online for some time now. I set myself a goal before I left, to meet people and actually communicate with people (not really my primary skillset). Although I did get to attend some talks, I didn’t feel that blogging about the 2/3 a day I actually saw, was going to be interesting to my readers (yes, both of you).

Although you’ve probably already got your fill of Defcon recaps by now, Id like to recommend Frank Breedijk’s blog over at cupfighter.net as he has various writeups on presentations that we attended together or individually. Frank and I were also lucky enough to talk to F1nux from HPR (Hacker Public Radio) about the event. If you want to listen, you can grab a copy at the Hacker Public Radio website.

I’d like to thank the various people I met at Defcon. Especially Frank (@autonessus), Martin (@mckeay), Chris Nickerson (@indi303), Carlos (@carlos_perez), Tom (@agent0x0), Mick (@bettersafetynet), John Strand (@strandjs) and the rest of the #pauldotcom crew.I met so mmany people I couldn’t start to list them all. So i’ll just say thanks to everyone, and don’t be strangers 😉

Hope to see you all at another event soon 😉

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