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HAR2009 or bust

I know what you’re thinking! I’ve only just come back from Blackhat/Defcon right! Yes, but I’m once again on the road to attend another security conference. This time I’m taking the short hop over to the Netherlands to attend Hacking at Random.

For those that don’t know, HAR is the camp that takes places every 4 years in the Netherlands. There’s also a conference that runs in Germany (again every 4 years) that I attended back in 2007. Just like then, I’ll be staying at the Hackers on a Plane village thanks to Nick Farr’s overwhelming kindness.

You can checkout the program of talks at https://har2009.org/program/. There are a lot of great and varied talks (not all strictly security related). Hopefully they’ll also be streaming some of the presentations online (like  the CCC does). If they are, then I’ll be sure to post the links here and on my Twitter feed.

If you’re attending HAR2009 please come over and say hi (my eventphone DECT number is #2252 or BAKA if you want to spell it out). I’ll be twittering from the event (hashtag #har2009) and blogging when and where I can. I’ve also got a follow-up podcast with Frank (@autonessus) & f1nux from HPR once the conference winds up.

See you there….

Special thanks to my loving girlfriend (Gika) for putting up with my constant traveling. With her support I wouldn’t be where I am today. Behind every ugly bald Englishman, is a sexy smart Austrian girl 😉

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