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Security B-Sides Recordings

For those that weren’t able to attend the Security B-Sides conference that was held in Las Vegas (alongside Blackhat), they’ve released the audio for download (or for subscription through iTunes).

Below is a list of the recordings .:

  • Ryan Linn
    • Cain BeEF Hash: Snagging Passwords without Popping Boxes
  • Mike Kershaw (drag0rn)
    • Author of Kismet will talk about msf/lorcon/wifi pwnage & blind/semi-blind http ownage
  • Jonathan Cran
    • Organizing Ninjas: A How To for Better Team Pentesting
  • Alex Hutton
    • Can Risk Management be Science? Challenging the Epistemological Anarchist to Escape our Dark Age
  • HD Moore
    • WarVOX
  • Greg Martin
    • Exploiting Botnets for Profit and Fun
  • Erin Jacobs
    • Feathers will fly Panel! – Professional Image and Gender Issues for Females in Security
  • Marisa Fagan; Elizabeth Wharton
    • The EX Factor: Exploring Proximity-based Identity Theft
  • David Rook
    • The Principles of Secure Development
  • Damon Cortesi
    • Social Networking, the Age Before Firewalls and the Pitfalls of Rapid Application Development

Special thanks to everybody who helped put on the Security B-Sides. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to attend next year 😉

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