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The warzone project (CCCKC)

While I was over at Defcon I had a chance to sit down and chat briefly with Jack Daniel (the man, not the hard liquor) about the Warzone Project.

The project originated at the Cowtown Computer Congress in Kansas city as a seperation of their network to allow for a seperate research network. This allowed for members of the hackerspace to sandbox themselves while performing research. The Astaro corporation contacted CCCKC about providing hardware for the network, and the project has grown from their. Currently Astaro are planning to put hardware into several hackerspaces and are arranging the setup of a darknet connecting them all. This will allow for collaboration of work across several hackerspaces, as well as offering a number of other possabilities. Plans are to spread the project nationwide in the future.

For more information you should checkout the warzone project blog post over at the CCCKC website, head over to the Astaro Corporation website, or follow the warzone project twitterfeed for announcements.

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