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First online hacker conference [SecurityTubeCon]

I’m sure most of you already know about the huge range of security videos offered up at SecurityTube. Well, Vivek over at Security Tube contacted me last week to let me know they were in the planning phase of the worlds first 100% online hacker conference, SecurityTubeCon. Since then Vivek has released a call for papers with a difference. In his own words .:

SecurityTubeCon is aimed at democratizing hacker
conferences by allowing any researcher, regardless of his physical
location, to share his work with the community. Unlike other Cons we
will not *accept / reject* speakers. If you have something interesting
to share, you WILL be heard.

This kind of thing always makes me excited. Not only does this mean that we’re guaranteed to see new content, but it also removes the restrictions of travel and budget from the equation. How many times have you seen a talk advertised that peeks your interest, only to find that the only conference you can see it at is on the other side of the world. There is only so many  times you can hop on a plane for 20 hours before the budget and day job start to get a little tricky to balance.

Hopefully there will be a lot of new faces giving this event a try. If you’Ve got a project, even if it’s just in the planning phases, this is a perfect time to get your idea out there.

What else is unique about SecurityTubeCon?

  • This conference will be held completely online!
  • Location No Barrier – speak / attend SecurityTubeCon from our bedroom 🙂
  • Language No Barrier – though we would recommend English is the preferred language so you can address a global audience, feel free to speak in the language you are most comfortable with
  • $0 is the conference registration fees – absolutely free

The “conference” will be split into 4 tracks covering Research, Tutorials, Tools demos and Security Product demos. SecurityTubeCon will be held on the 6 – 8th November 2009 in Cyberspace (CFP is open until 10th October)

Even if this is your first presentation, I’d suggest putting your ideas down and giving it a whirl. Who knows, this could be the event to catapult your project, idea or career to the next level. I know I’ll be there.

Security Tube –> http://www.securitytube.net/
SecurityTubeCon –> http://securitytubecon.org/
CFP –> http://securitytubecon.org/cfp.html

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