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Countdown to BruCON

Well the coutdown to BruCON has begun. Throughout the day I’ve seen messages on Twitter from people who are attending the training classes and are already onsite. Yes, I’m jealous. I’m always open to learning something new, and the courses on offer were certianly interesting. Still, sometimes the day job has to come first 😉

I’ll be arriving in Brussels Thursday afternoon, just in time to head out with a few friends and see one of the famous Belgian breweries. I’m already looking forward to the talks from Chris Gates and Chris Nickerson. Plus I’ve booked in for a couple of workshops to get some hands-on time with some areas of security I don’t get to play with as much as I’d like (VoIP, and Wireless). I’ll be at the podcaster/blogger/Twitter meetup after the Auction on Friday as well.

If you’re headed to BruCON as well, remember to come over and say hi.

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