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[BruCON] Dispelling the myths and discussing the facts of global cyber warfare

Jayson R. Street – Dispelling the myths and discussing the facts of global cyber warfare.

Sun Tzu was a hacker. Hacking has been around for a long time, but it’s not always been on computers. The art of war is read by both military and business students.

Reporting is not investigation. If you want the real perspective you have to find it yourself and not rely on other peoples opinions and reports. In order to understand you need to step back and view things from another persons perspective.

War is no longer dictated by boundaries just bandwidth. Even if you think you have nothing to steal, you still have resources that other people want.

China is currently the country of choice when it comes to blaming hacks on foreign countries. This is because of the Red Hacker Environment (a collective of separate hacker groups within China that work together when threatened). Due to the 60 year cycle of change in China, there is a lot of unrest currently. This time is being used to prepare for what they will be starting next year as the next cycle begins. There is also a lot of internal issues between the different sections of China who are also in conflict. It is not unusual to have hacker groups in Shanghai hacking another group in another area of China. This is due to cultural differences. Language issues originally held back Chinese hackers. However over time
things have changed, and is becoming less and less of an issue. Not all Chinese hackers are über leet, but with enough small attacks it builds up.

If Americans can be patriots, why can’t the Chinese by the same ?

Very forthcoming with information on their cyber warfare capabilities, budget and resources. Cyber force size is 7,300 with resources including advanced botnet for DDoS and espionage, Electronic pulse weapons (non-nuclear), wireless communications jamming equipment….. Russia vs. Estonia – Probably a good test of Russia’s cyber warfare project. Russia vs. Georgia – The second Beta test. Combined physical and cyber attacks. Russia vs. ???? – Just like history says, Don’t mess with Russia.

Jihad (J1H4D)
Mostly interested in using the internet for .:

  • Recruitment
  • Propaganda
  • Communication

By using VPN connections, darknets and forums.

Brazil to Romania
Southern America = Community based hacking
Eastern Europe = A cross between the movies “Hackers” and “Good Fellas”
Crime does not = Warfare (usually)

Titan rain was the US real wakeup call. US response to cyber attacks is a physical response. However it’s not always possible to say who performed the attack. The attacks this year from “North Korea” is a perfect example. It’s still not known where the attack came from. China rent botnets to anybody, however it doesn’t mean that the attack comes from China even if the C&C is based there.

All the cool kids are creating Cyber Warfare units.

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