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SANS London 2009 Webcast Series

About a weak back I posted about the upcoming SANS London 2009 event (28 November – 6 December). The guys behind the conference have put together a list of webcasts that they’ll be running to showcase the various courses on offer. You can find a list below of the upcoming events that are especially for the European security community. A full list of the webcasts in the series along with a breakdown of the topics covered can be found on the SANS website.

Upcoming Webcasts .:

  • Friday, 25 September
    • Topic: SEC401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style
    • Instructor: Dr. Eric Cole
    • Time: 15:00 CET
  • Tuesday, 29 September
    • Topic: DEV541: Secure Coding in Java/JEE: Developing Defensible Applications
    • Instructor: Sahba Kazerooni
    • Time: 15:00 CET
  • Wednesday, 30 September
    • Topic: SEC508: Computer Forensics, Investigation & Response
    • Instructor: Jess Garcia
    • Time: 15:00 CET
  • Thursday, 01 October
    • Topic: SEC542: Web App Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking
    • Instructor: Raul Siles
    • Time: 15:00 CET
  • Friday, 02 October
    • Topic: SEC566: 20 Critical Security Controls
    • Instructor: James Tarala
    • Time: 15:00 CET
  • Wednesday, 07 October
    • Topic: What Course Should I Take at SANS London 2009 & Question and Answer session
    • Instructor: Johannes Ulrich
    • Time:15:00 CET

Previous webcasts in the series .:

  • SEC560: Network Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking
    • John Strand
  • SEC709: Developing Exploits for Penetration Testers and Security Researchers
    • Stephen Sims

For those who didn’t manage to catch the live webcasts that have already taken place, the recording is now available from the webcast archives.

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