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Projects are like buses

Photo by by angelocesare (CC)I know, I know, what a strange title for a blog post. Then again, I’ve never really been known for  being the most normal of people bloggers. Then again projects really are like buses. There’s none for ages then 2 come along at once 😉 Things have been a little quiet on the blog for several reasons. The first was my nagging neck problem, which I’m hoping is back under control. The second is the start of a few projects that have been in the works for a while now.

  • €urotrash security podcast
  • PenTester Scripting

The €urotrash security Podcast has been in the planning phase for a while now, with the initial meeting to discuss particulars at the recent BruCON conference in Brussels. Episode 1 has just been released, so head over to http://www.eurotrashsecurity.eu and grab a copy. Let us know what you think. As with any new Podcast we’re looking for feedback on how to make things better and cover what you want us to cover. You can load up your favourite RSS reader HERE for updates on the next Podcast release..

The second project I’m involved with came out of a simple remark on Twitter. I’m not much of a scripter, but it’s something I’m looking at improving. When I commented that a SANS course cover scripting for Penetration Testers would be a good thing, Kevin Johnson agreed and the project was born. PenTesterScripting is still in it’s early phases, but we hope it will turn into a place for Penetration Testers to come and find useful scripts to help automate some of the more tedious and long-winded parts of penetration testing. Head over to the site and vote on our logo competition, and feel free to email us scripts you want us to host on the site.

For updates to both projects, follow me on twitter as @ChrisJohnRiley, or follow the projects directly, @PenTesterScript and @EurotrashSec

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