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SANS London

It seems like only a few weeks since I finished up my SANS Web Application Penetration Tester OnDemand class. Still, as I’m sure anybody who knows me will tell you, I take any opportunity to learn something new. So once again I’m hoping on a plane and headed to London for a few days with my family, and yet another SANS conference.

Unlike recent courses, which have been very specialist, I’m going “back to basics” in a way, and attending the Security Essentials class (SEC401). I’m hoping to fill in a few gaps in my knowledge and cover some more management style topics. I’m not really the management type (I’m not good at politics), but anything that can help to improve the way I work, think and explain things to the C-level is a good thing in my book. I’ll also try to sit in on the DEV319 class prior to the main part of the conference. I’m not a developer, but I’m interested to see how SANS is going about training developers for secure coding. After all, this is where we seem to be failing at the moment, at least in my opinion.

If you’re attending the conference make sure to come over and say hi. I’ll be one of the facilitators, so I get to wear the nice red apron. Still, you can’t have everything can you 😉

John Strand from the Pauldotcom crew will be running a capture the flag evening at the conference, so even if you’re not attending a course, pop down and say hi. There are also a number of other interesting SANS@night events if CTF isn’t your thing.

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