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It’s 2010 already!

Wow how time flies. 10 years ago I was working in London for a share registrar company, and praying the NT4 systems we were using wouldn’t fold when Y2K hit. How times change. Now I’m living in Austria, and doing a job that I really like, instead of one that just pays the bills. Life’s too short to not enjoy your work.

In honor of the past and the future I’ve made a few (subtle) changes to the blog. Gone is the änal security guy (long story, ask me over a few beers) and I’ve gone back to using a nickname that I’ve not used in 5 years or so, catch22 (catch for short). That too is a long story, but at least the domain name c22.cc makes a little bit more sense now. Oh and I won’t have so many problems with badly programmed web-filters marking the blog as porn (hence the ä in the old title).

So what’s to come for me in 2010 ? It’s going to be another busy year I think. Lots of conferences planned already, and lots of things to get done. I’ve also come up with a few new years resolutions, and I plan to stick to them (this time). By posting them here you guys can all hassle me and call me a big fat liar if I don’t come through with the goods as well. No pressure 😉

  • Diet –> Because too many cons have taken their toll on my once slender and toned figure
  • Friends –> I’m notoriously bad for losing contact with people and spending too much time locked in a room alone… time for a change
  • Read more –> I keep getting new books, so time to read more and …
  • Watch TV less –> To make room for the books, friends and …
  • Projects –> Finish some, instead of leaving them half-finished with a blog post promising “more on that later”
  • Charity –> Life’s been good to me even through tough times. So it’s time to give back !

So, if you see me at a con this year and I’m breaking any of these rules, I give you the right to tell me to my face that I’m an idiot…. trust me, with my willpower, I need all the help I can get !

Happy New Year everyone, and lets hope that 2010 is the year people realise they’re just making things worse (in security and in general).

Stop being part of the problem, and start being part of the solution.

Be good to each other !

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