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Plumbercon 10 – Call for Papers

For those of you not familiar with PlumberCon, here’s a little information about the conference and the Call for Papers.

PlumberCon 10 Call For Participation

The Call For Papers for PlumberCon 10, 2nd edition, taking place in Vienna (Austria) is now open!

This year the conference will be held from July 09th – 11th (Fri – Sun) – in other words, the week between HitB Amsterdam and The Next H.O.P.E.


PlumberCon is a very unique hacker conference targeted at security researchers, system and network operators, application developers, hardware hackers, hackerspace members, and generally open-minded folks working or participating in the broad fields between information warfare and digital art.

It will combine the knowledge of experienced security speakers, hackers, and information warriors with the fun of a small but 1337 conference at one of Vienna’s most comfy & snugly meeting locations: the WerkzeugH. Its main goal is to help attendees understand the current state of art in information technology and security, and showcase projects evolved from the hackerspace movement.

This year’s tagline: Make A Good Hack


After last year’s tagline, ‘The Internet is a Series of Tubes’, PlumberCon 10 will take our approach towards security, hacking and technological innovation a step further, therefore being sub-entitled ‘Make A Good Hack!’.

Not only will you again have the chance to participate in workshops and the mainly security and networking-focused talks, but also get your hands on some hardware hacking, join in to various activities, or try your luck in the infamous challenge of PacketWars(tm). However much seriousness or amusement you bring into this, we’ll make sure you get an overview of today’s state-of-the-art technologies, insight into a bunch of the best hackers’ mindsets, and learn new things!

Save the date: July 09th – 11th, 2010

The event is going to kick off with activities (including physical activity…), trainings, and an off-site biolab workshop followed by a small party on Friday, July 09th at Vienna’s no. 1 hackerspace, the Metalab.

Talks & workshops will be held throughout Saturday & Sunday, July 10th & 11th respectively, also including a PacketWars game on Saturday night – making it 3 days and nights of talks, trainings, hands-on workshops, epic haXX0r battles and a little partying; the perfect combination of technology, IT security, hardware hacking, art, music, socializing and good times.

Have a talk to do with security, hacking, or making you’d like to submit?


At PlumberCon 10, we are planning to have a selection of three trainings on Friday afternoon, a variety of 50-minute talks and hands-on workshops (of unlimited length) on Saturday and Sunday, as well as 10-minute lightning talks (Sunday only).

Topics of interest include (but are in no way limited to) the following:

* Information technology
* Wireless network security
* Web application security assessment
* Virtualization and cloud computing
* Innovative attack strategies
* Honeypots
* Forensics
* Embedded devices
* Physical security and lockpicking
* Biometrics
* Hardware hacking
* Working with microcontrollers
* Phone phreaking
* Food- and Biohacking
* Open source software
* Evolutionary computing
* Robotics

To apply, shoot us an e-mail to cfp@plumbercon.org with your complete talk proposal and contact info!

Please include the following information in your submission:

* contact details (name & e-mail address)
* a brief bio (including qualifications, speaking experience, and affiliations)
* the title of your talk
* short intro & abstract (& any supporting materials, if available)
* the talk format you are submitting for (talk/panel/lightning talk/demo/training/workshop)

Important Dates

If you are thinking of participating and sending in a submission, please let us know NO LATER than April 25th.

Absolute deadline for submission of abstracts is the 16th of May, 2010 – all proposals submitted before this date will be considered.

Final notification of acceptence: May 24th;

final material submission (including slides and whitepapers) for accepted presentations: June 27th, 2010.


PlumberCon is a non-profit event and thankful for every helping hand it’s given.

If you want to support the initiative and gain visibility by sponsoring, please contact us by writing an e-mail to sponsor@plumbercon.org

More details about PlumberCon and the CFP can be found at http://plumbercon.org

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