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Blackhat Europe: Planning

It’s been nice to take a little time off from conferences (I’ve actually had time to recharge a little since the madness of Shmoocon back in January). Still, no rest for the wicked, and even thought I didn’t think I’d be attending this year, I’m headed over to Barcelona next week for the Blackhat Europe conference.

This year it’s in a new home (Barcelona instead of Amsterdam) and is a three track affair instead of the traditional dual track. I’ve got mixed feelings on the addition of a third track to the conference. I appreciate the choices it gives the attendees, but I also think the socialization aspect of the conference might suffer. Still, I’m sure Jeff has thought this all out, and I’ll hold off my judgment till I see how things really are.

I’ve had a chance to read through the schedule and there’s a lot of great talks this year. Of the many interesting talks, the following are the ones I’m really looking forward to seeing.

Day 1

  • Cyber[Crime|War] Charting dangerous waters (Iftach Ian Amit)
  • Unveiling Maltego 3.0 (Roelof Temmingh)
  • Next Generation Clickjacking (Paul Stone)
  • SAP Backdoors: A ghost at the heart of your business (Mariano Nuñez Di Croce)
  • Attacking JAVA Serialized Communications (Manish Saindane)
  • Hacking Cisco Enterprise WLANs (Enno Rey & Daniel Mende)

Day 2

  • Practical Crypto Attacks Against Web Applications (Thai Duong & Juliano Rizzo)
  • Abusing JBOSS (Christian Papathanasiou)
  • Oracle, Interrupted: Stealing Sessions and Credentials (Steve Ocepak & Wendel G. Henrique)
  • 0-knowledge Fuzzing (Vincenzo Lozzo)
  • Universal XSS via IE8’s XSS Filters (David Lindsay & Eduardo Vela Nava)
  • Changing Threats To Privacy: From TIA to Google (Moxie Marlinspike)

As usual I’m being more than optimistic about what I can and can’t see while I’m at the conference… after all, some of the talks I want to see are on at the same time. So, I’ll just have to wing it, and see what I can fit in.

I’m also hoping to do at least a couple of one-on-one interviews with the speakers for the Eurotrash Security Podcast while I’m there. Although, given my complete failure at Shmoocon, I guess we’ll have to see if I can actually get that done.

If you’re going to be in Barcelona remember to pop over and say hi. I’ll have a roll of Eurotrash stickers with me just in-case 😉

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