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BruCON Lightning Talks

Even though BruCON is months away (September 2010) the slots for lightening talks are already filling up fast with the first day almost completely booked out already. If you want to get the chance to talk in-front of some of the brightest minds in Infosec, you’d better get your finger out and head over to the sign-up page now to put your name down. Simply click edit, and add your name to the list.

For better or for worse, I’ve signed up to give a talk entitled <Insert Something Great Here>. Originally the title was meant to be a witty placeholder until I could come up with a real title (I always have too many things going around in my head to figure out a single topic), but after some deep thought on the matter, I’ve decided the title goes quite well with an idea I have. I’m sure it’ll be amusing at the very least 😉

Unlike most other conferences, the lightning talks are taking place in the main room (the big flashy one) and aren’t running against the other talks. So this is a great chance to really showcase your talk, and for people new to talking (like me) it’ll give you a chance to get the feel for what it’s like to stand on the center stage.

Craig Balding is running the lightning talks… or “speed dating for geeks” as he so eloquently put it 😉 I’ll also be helping out a second moderator for the first day’s session. If you have any questions, you can contact Craig through his snazzy anti-spam contact form.


BruCON –> http://2010.brucon.org

BruCON Lightning Talks –> http://2010.brucon.org/index.php/Lightning_Talks

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