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NinjaCon round-up

I had a great time this past weekend in Vienna attending NinjaCon (formerly known as PlumberCon). Alongside a whole pile of interesting presentations, there was a great deal going on alongside the main talks. Day 0 included a number of workshops including one covering penetration testing. It was interesting to sit in and talk to others in Vienna interested in the topic. It was unfortunate that Joe McCray was unable to run the training, but Oliver from ERNW stepped in to save the day, and had some good tips to offer.

As usual I was “speed blogging'” from the event, so there are a few blog posts covering the main points of the talks I attended. I hope you find them entertaining, and at least mildly useful. The talks where streamed live and recorded, so if you get the chance to see the video or view the slides of these presentations I’m sure you’ll appreciate them.

My good friend fish_ (no jokes about chips please), took some great panoramic photos at the conference and was nice enough to let me post a couple here. WerkzeugH is a great venue, so even these pictures don’t do it full justice. Extra points if you can spot me in either picture!

Here’s to NinjaCon 2011…. bigger, better… more Ninja than ever before!

Day 1 :

Day 2 :

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