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Eurotrash’s 1st Birthday

Well who would thunk it…almost a year after the creation of Eurotrash and we’re still going strong! It’s been a wild and interesting ride, filled with great guests and good discussions. Not to mention the funny accents!

Almost a year ago, I sat down at BruCON with Dale, Craig and Wim to talk about maybe possibly starting a European podcast. As with many things it started off as an innocnet comment on twitter, which soon snowballed into an idea, and from there into a real podcast.

Listening back to the first episodes it’s easy to see we weren’t seasoned professionals. The ummms and errrrs have hopefully lessened a bit over time, but we’re still working to make things better behind the scenes. I always love looking back at things I’ve written, coded, or said in years past. It reminds me that even though you think you’re standing stillm you’re really not. Things can only get better from here… face it, they couldn’t get much worse 😀

We’ve had so many great guests on the podcast in the last year it’s hard to remember them all. I’d like to thank everybody that’s been on the podcast as a guest, but most of all I’d like to thank Wim, Craig, and Dale for taking this unmolded idea and really making it into something we can be proud of. I’d also like to thank Xavier for being so generous with his time (sorting the website, hosting and being there when we needed him) and DualCore…. for just being excellent, and giving us a song when nobody had even heard of us.

If you’ve not had the joy of hearing us head over to iTunes or take a look at the Eurotrash RSS feed. I’m promise you, it’ll at least be entertaining, if not informative 😉

Rumours are already spreading of the plans for this years BruCON podcasters meetup. All I can say, is if Wim gets his way, it’s going to be an event to be remembered!

Here’s to another year of Eurotrash… may the trash be with you!

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