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{Updated} Underground pricelist

Back in August I wrote up some info on an underground pricelist that some nice person left as a comment on my blog. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (Yeah, I never understood that saying either), so when another nice (read: idiot) posted an updated pricelist as a comment,  I thought it was worth making public for your research purposes… Some information has been redacted to prevent contact with the seller. After all, I’m not selling this stuff, just giving information on current price/demand.

we working in business internet and we need trust,,,……i think trust is importand in business
if we can trust we can work good a long time in world business
i’m new seller
i have some thing for sale now: cc , dumps us uk …/ track 1 2 101 201
bank login and paypal………………WU bug 2010 for transfer WU
this is list price :

– cvv us visa / mas = $2 – cvv us dis / amex = $4
– cvv us fullz info = $25
– cvv uk visa / mas = $5 – cvv uk amex / dis = $10
– cvv uk with dob = $25
– cvv au = $8
– cvv ca = $10
– cvv ger = $25
– cvv france = $25
– cvv denmak = $20
– cvv spain = $15
– cvv japan = $15
– cvv greece = $20
– cvv italy = $35
– … and more cc another country good and 100% fresh
dumps us visa gold/platium = $60
dumps eu = $80
track 1 2 101 201 us = $50
…………………..eu = $70
…………………..ca = $60
bank hsbc and boa login with balance minimum 2k and maximum 50k
acc balance 2k = $300
balance 10k = $800
transfer WU minimum 1k = $100 and maximum 10k = 800$
==my rule==
– send money send cc
– if cc good u can buy more,not work i replace
– i checked cc before send for u if u buy
– dont send same cc for more buyer
– if u dont trust me,plz dont contact me
– i accept WU or LR or WMZ but accept WU>50$ , WMZ > 30$

CONTACT: xxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.xxx
YH: xxxxxxxxx

I particularly like the phrase “if u dont trust me, plz dont contact me“… I’m sure all carders automatically trust people selling stolen data. After all, it’s a trustworthy business right. Honor amongst thieves and all that!

Enjoy… and please don’t leave comments asking to buy them!

4 responses to “{Updated} Underground pricelist

  1. j4vv4d October 18, 2010 at 14:06

    I was going to leave a comment, but I’m not sure if I trust you enough to leave a comment.

  2. Not Suggy Honest October 18, 2010 at 17:45

    I love this quote… “I’m sure all carders automatically trust people selling stolen data”.

    Check this out from @sirjester, he goes on to site that most of the card numbers availablevia IRC whatever are of low quality…i.e. expired or just plain wrong…

    Click to access ID_Fraud_The_Non_Violent_Crime.pdf

    No surprise I guess…

  3. GET REAL October 19, 2010 at 18:40

    “Some information has been redacted to prevent contact with the seller.”

    Thanks DAD. Because without you… their out of business.

    What was posted to your blog (like THOUSANDS OF OTHERS) was comment spam.

    A good post would be if you investigated if it was real.

  4. ChrisJohnRiley October 19, 2010 at 19:04

    Hi GET REAL, if that is your real name 😉 and thanks for popping by my little blog, withoout you my blog serves no real purpose after all. I am humbled by your presence!

    So, to your well written and educated commentary.

    1) I’m sure that people (like yourself) can use Google to find a thousand contacts to sell you this info… my blog, isn’t going to be one of them though… so redacting the contact information was, in my mind, the right things to do. Sorry if that’s not something you’d have done, on your blog, when you were writing things!

    2) Yes, as I said in my previous post, it was left as a comment (spam). Thanks again for bringing that to everyone’s attention, incase they also have issues reading and/or remembering facts for short periods of time.

    3) Next time you want to make a good point (like the one you tried to make at the end of your comment), you’ll find that starting out with less of an attitude will get you further. Until then, you’re just another person that likes to leave comments for others, instead of doing the work themselves!

    So, in closing feel free to check any of the other 367,000+ blogs on wordpress.com (or the many many on other hosted services) in the future, as you obviously don’t like what I have to say!

    Can’t please em all…. not even gonna try!

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