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Shmoocon round-up

It’s been a whirlwind since I got back from DC… With work, private stuff and the odd SAP presentation. Still, Shmoocon remains fresh in my mind.

After a shaky start (whoops, my planes been cancelled), I finally got to DC with a short detour through New York and the usual run around from Delta airlines. Their staff are so nice, it’s almost like they’re family. You know, the ones you hate and fight with all the time… that kind of family 😛

Anyway, I managed to knock out a few blogposts from Shmoocon that might be interesting. I also finally got around to donating some money to Hackers for Charity, which I’ve had in my mind for a while now. It was good to say hi to Johnny even if he was distracted and rather rushed. Still, he’s doing good things, and after his presentation I’m more behind him and his cause than ever.

I have to say a special thanks to the InGuardians crew for including me in their big company night out. I’ve never been so well treated before, and it’s an experience I’ll hold with me for a long while to come. I hope to repay the favour if and when they visit Europe!

If you didn’t see the previous blogposts, here’s a short breakdown of the talks I covered :

There was a big focus on mobile vulnerabilities this year. Along with a few printer talks, which took me by surprise to be honest. Printer vulns have been talked about a lot before, and I wasn’t expecting a resurgence. Still, some interesting information for penetration testers if you care to look 😉

Despite the issues I’ve had getting to and from Shmoocon in 2010 and this year, I’ll be there next year… I just can’t drag myself away that easily 😉

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