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Security YMCA #BSidesLondon

It looks like the nice people behind #BSidesLondon have announced their schedule for the upcoming April conference. I managed to put 3 talks forward for the conference (not sure how that happened), and the Security YMCA talk has been accepted to close out the conference… hopefully with a light-hearted message and call to action!

If you’re wondering what Security YMCA is going to be about, then you’re not the only one… I distinctly remember the twitter message that started it all. Ok, actually I don’t… but I know it was a joke that went badly wrong and I know at some point it got sent in for the CFP! We never thought anybody would be silly enough to vote for it. So, you’ve got nobody but yourselves to blame 😉

Together with @f1nux@seccubus, and @TheSuggmeister we’re going to do our best to edutain you for 30 minutes….

Be warned however, there will be .:

  • Outfits
    • yes, it’s not called Security YMCA just for fun!
    • no, not just outfits for us 😉
  • Singing
    • this means you as well!
    • lyrics will be provided
    • dancing optional!
  • Facts
    • maybe, we’re working on that
    • hey, you can’t have it all!
  • A call to action…

At the very least it will be a talk to remember, for good or for bad 😛

One response to “Security YMCA #BSidesLondon

  1. Seccubus March 14, 2011 at 09:14

    What do you mean dance optional….

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