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Security Forum (Hagenberg)

I guess every cloud has a silver lining… unless it’s a cloud service provider obviously! So, despite having to cancel my planned trip to Japan due to the unfortunate happenings over there at the moment, I do get to attend this years Security Forum at Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences.

The Security Forum is a yearly meeting held at Hagenberg University (this year it takes place on the 6th-7th April). Alongside presentations on the 6th, there are also a number of workshops being held on the 7th.

Although I’ve always wanted to attend the Security Forum events, I’ve never really had the chance due to other overlapping commitments . It’ll be nice to meet up with some Austrian security professionals and talk shop for once… not to mention the need to get a t-sirt with the cool HK logo on it 😀

Taking a look through the schedule, there are a couple of very interesting talks I’d like to catch at the event .:

I’ll try to do some “speed blogging” from the event if the situation allows… but my German isn’t up to scratch when it comes to blogging in 2 languages! We’ll have to see how it goes 😉 Still it will be good to meet up with Claudio again and talk over a beer!

If you’re attending the conference, please let me know!

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