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#BSidesVienna Call For Papers (or how do I get in without a ticket?)

Remember back on April 3rd when I said “#BSidesVienna Tickets! Get em while they’re H0T“, well, I really meant it!

We released the first phase of tickets on April 3rd, and all 4o0 tickets went in under 48 hours.

Just to keep people happy we released the second phase of tickets on April 11th… which unsurprisingly went in under 24 hours!

It’s amazing that a first time event in Vienna can assign so many tickets in such a short time, and I’m really looking forward to seeing who’s going to attend. From the stats, there’s a great deal of local interest, with a nice amount of international thrown in for good measure. This is exactly what we wanted when we first started talking about the possibility of a BSides Vienna many months ago.

So, the question I keep getting now is… “How do I get in if I’ve not already got a ticket?”. Well that’s simple to answer, you can get in through the Call For Papers of course!. We’re still looking for people to give presentations, demos, lively discussion panels, workshops and lightning talks. If you’ve got something to say, then we can provide the forum to do it. Everybody attending is part of the greater security community, so there’s no better place to start an idea, try something new, or just break out of the mold and do something you’ve never done before!

If you’re interested in attending BSides Vienna and don’t have a ticket… please consider sending something in for the CFP, you never know what might happen!

See you in Vienna I hope!


About BSidesVienna

BSidesVienna is a community driven security conference taking place in Vienna, Austria on June 18th 2011 (directly after the 23rd annual FIRST conference). As with all BSides conferences, the content and discussions are up to you, the attendees, to decide, and EVERYTHING is free.

More information can be found on the BSidesVienna website at http://www.bsidesvienna.com or by following the BSidesVienna twitter feed (@BSidesVienna)


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