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Well BSidesLondon has come and gone, and what an event. Considering this was the first BSides in the UK it seemed like it had been running for years. Everything was smooth, well planned, and executed. If this was the first event, I have high hopes for the second 😉

I really enjoyed the Track 3 idea… A free room with projector and a signup sheet. Very unconference style! I signed up to do a quick 30-minute SAP talk (scrubbing SAP clean with SOAP), which went down well I hope. I’m not sure about uploading the slides right now, as there are some things that I’m still working through with SAP. Nothing serious, but enough to make you think. Still, maybe I’ll put the talk forward for BSidesLasVegas 😉

Note: If you saw my SAP talk, I’d love feedback on what I can improve… Be harsh, it’s the only way I can improve!

I was lucky enough to be able to “present” as party of the Security YMCA troupe (along with @f1nux, @seccubus, and @suggmeister). I say present, but really it was just a bit of fun. Singing, dancing and funny costumes are great for funny YouTube videos (which I’m assured are already uploaded), but I doubt any real content got across… Still, you can’t blame people for not listening to a man dressed as a gay biker when he says the security industry doesn’t communicate well enough 😛

I’d like to thank all the people who put on BSidesLondon… There are too many to mention, but they know who they are! Looking forward to the next edition already… And BSidesVienna as well obviously!

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