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#BSidesVienna: Ticket Challenge

After the amazing success of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 tickets, we’ve decided that the 3rd and final phase of ticket assignment for BSidesVienna needed to be something a bit special. After all, it’s easy to click a button and get a ticket… It’s also free, and we all know people love free things. So, for this phase, we’re going to make you work, just a little bit!

The challenge is a simple one…. Now head over to http://untrustedsite.net and get to it!

Entries are to be in the form of email to the correct challenge address (finding the right email address is the challenge). You don’t need to attack, brute-force, or otherwise hammer the system to get the answer. People found doing so will be banned from the contest and laughed at accordingly. Oh, and yes, I do check the logs 😉 Entries will be taken on a first come first serve basis and must be in by midnight (Austrian time) on May 6th. That’s Friday, for those without calendars! So what are you waiting for… you wanted more tickets, so get to it!

Now, this is either going to be very very easy… or very very hard? It’s always hard to judge when putting together a challenge. So, I’ll be throwing out some hints through the @BSidesVienna twitter feed over the next few days. For those that need it 😉

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