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My picks for BSidesLV and DefCon 2011

Now that I have confirmed 100% I’ll be in Las Vegas (family stuff…) here are some of my picks for the top talks I’m looking forward to seeing this year.

To be honest if I get to even half these I’ll be happy! This time of year is more about the hallway track and meeting new and old friends… Still, here’s my top picks for BSidesLV and DefCon / DC SkytTalks this year!

BSidesLasVegas Top Picks

  • Siemens / SCADA 0day – Dilion
  • Hacking webapps is more fun when the end result is a shell! – Joshua Abraham
  • Something Awesome(TM) – HD Moore

DefCon Top Picks

  • Hacking your victims over power lines – Dave Kennedy
  • Don’t drop the SOAP – Tom Eston, Joshua Abraham, Kevin Johnson
  • Metasploit vSploit modules – Marcus J. Carey, David Rude, Will Vandevanter

DefCon Skytalks top Picks

  • Hacking with QR Codes – Pyr0, Tuna
  • Walking the Green Mile: How to Get Fired After a Security Incident – Brian Baskin
  • Planes Keep Falling On My Head – Chris Roberts

Well, there you have it. I tried to keep it to 3 picks per “con”. Realistically I know I’m never gonna see all of them, but it’s nice to dream!. See you in Vegas!

As always, I’ll be the ugly British guy with no hair and orange glasses 😉

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