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{BruCON LT} A quick rant about WebApp crypto

After mulling over possible topics for a BruCON lightening talk I settled on a quick rant about how Web App testers in general are treating crypto. I know crypto doesn’t lend itself to a 5 minute format, and the generalisation (that Web App testers don’t check crypto) is a little broad… but I thought it was a good topic to bring into the small spotlight.

If you have any feedback on the slides (rush job, sorry), or the content in general then please let me know… feedback is gratefully received!

More details about the TYPO3 vulnerability (TYPO3-2009-SA-001) mentioned can be found in the advisories section of this site.

One response to “{BruCON LT} A quick rant about WebApp crypto

  1. Nick September 20, 2011 at 16:03

    Very nicely put together, especially slides which are sparse enough to avoiding distracting people from you while you present, but also make sense to those of us who weren’t there.

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