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Filling your RSS reader

As Google is making some changes to Google Reader (I say changes, but I really mean, killing it off by removing the feature we all want and use), I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the shared items feed I provide at the moment (through the blog link above and through Twitter). GReader made sharing the information from other blogs and sites really easy, and as such I’m looking for a good replacement right now… maybe using Tumblr as a replacement… not perfect, but better than a crippled GReader can offer right now.

Still, for those who’ve asked for a list of good blogs to follow I’ve exported my blog list to OPML format for you to download and import or take a look at. It’s not small, so make sure you’re ready for it if you import it into your reader software.

Google Reader Export ==> (OPML)

Temporary Tumblr feed ==> http://feed.c22.cc (RSS)

One response to “Filling your RSS reader

  1. Aaron November 2, 2011 at 15:27

    Thanks! I’m always looking for new content and there is plenty here to sort through.

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