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Top 5 posts of 2011

As the year begins a new I thought I’d take a look back at what people have been reading on blog.c22.cc in the last 12 months. Alongside hits straight to the main page (18,652), about me page (1,768 for some reason) and the usual heavy traffic on some older 2009/2010 posts (25,000+), the following new 2011 posts proved to be the most interesting.

Shmoocon 2011: TEAM JOCH vs. Android: The Ultimate Showdown –> 1,562 visits

SurveyMonkey: IP Spoofing –> 1,481 visits

Setting up your own SAP Netweaver test lab –> 1,421 visits

{BruCON LT} SSL Impersonation in 5 minutes or less! –> 1,375 visits

Shmoocon 2011: Printer to Pwnd –> 1,368 visits

It’s nice to see that people aren’t only coming to the blog for conference coverage, although Shmoocon coverage seems surprisingly popular… Let’s hope that the 2012 Shmoocon coverage proves just as interesting 😉

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