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SANS Germany 2012

So a little birdie told me that the fine folks over at SANS are arranging a conference in Germany this year. Unfortunately I can’t get the time off to attend, but I managed to wrangle a discount code incase any of you fine reader types are thinking of attending…

SANS Germany 2012
SANS Germany 2012 is coming up soon on 5-10 March at the Arcotel Camino in Stuttgart. This will be the first SANS training conference in the country since 2008. SANS is bringing some of its biggest classes back to Europe by popular demand.

SEC504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling
MGT512: SANS Security Leadership Essentials for Managers with Knowledge Compression
DEV522: Defending Web Applications Security Essentials

So if you’re thinking of attending, the discount code “SANS5DE12” should be good for 5% off the cost of the course. Enjoy!


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