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Scammers gonna scam

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about our resident snake oil salesman, Gregory D Evans… and there’s be far to much seriousness on the blog recently. So here’s a little deviation from your usual programming. Sorry!

I’ve been noticing, as many have I’m sure, a lot of spam messages on the Twitters over the last few months. I’ve been a good little worker and reported them as spam, every little helps after all. However I thought it was about time to name and shame (like he’s not already shamed). Still, it’s worth a few seconds to make a screenshot and share it for prosperity.

I guess hot girls like Hackers!

The levels of spam have reduced (maybe due to people reporting them repeatedly, maybe due to dwindling funds), but you can usually pick up a few by searching on the phrases “AM I HACKER PROOF is a” and “Gregory Evans is one of the”. The posts forward to an amazon.com page together with an affiliate link (using several affiliate link tags – diabetescure-20, worldmixmasal-20, neoopt06-21, twitterservice-20). You can find the same affiliates posting LocatePc spam as well on occasion.

I’m not one to judge on how people do business, but this kind of thing doesn’t really strike me as something an honest and professional Information Security company would take part in.

Just before I go here’s a quick some food for thought… the @gregorydevans account now has over 27,000 followers. Wow that’s amazing, much more than most… he must he really famous and well-respected! Of course, this rise all happened in the last month. From zero to spam follower hero in a month! I’ll leave that one for you to think on 😉

Lets give the man the benefit of the doubt… after all, he’s the world’s number 1 hacker. Still seems strange that the @amihackerproof account seems to have a similar arc in followers! The stats are unfortunately a little lacking, as the stats are only tracked from March 23rd 2012.

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