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{QuickPost} Research Teaser – HTTP Response Codes

So I’ve been a little slack recently when it comes to blog posts… and conferences… and, well pretty much everything. Still, I’ve been doing some interesting things (for me at least) in the background that I’m hoping to be talking about later this year. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m sure people can figure it out based on stuff I’ve previously put out… if not, then here’s just a pretty picture of 3 browsers side by side 😉


… and no, the above isn’t doing anything with the user-agent string (you’re thinking of the wrong research ;).

Here’s hoping that the fine folks over at BSidesLondon accept my talk so I can talk about it in April… and that everything pans out so I don’t look like a moron on stage… again! 😉

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