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Speed Blogging

Regulars to the blog will already know that I tend to cover a lot of conferences. Whenever I’m covering a conference I try to do what I like to refer to as “speed blogging”… and no, that’s not another word for Tweeting! Speed blogging simply involves me writing notes on presentations live as they’re going on, and publishing them as soon as the talk has finished. Usually I’m done with the post as the Q&A finishes up.

Due to come confusion (e.g. people emailing me asking for my slides etc…) I’ll be putting up the following banner to help clear up the issue and make it clear that the content isn’t mine!


  • Share information about the presentations for those not able to attend.
  • Allow readers to see if the talk is interesting for them
  • Provide a textual search of keywords that will point users to the talk at a later date


  • Quick sharing of information
  • Easy reference later on
  • Not everybody can get to every conference
  • Not everybody can attend all 32000 tracks at Blackhat 😉


  • Not every talk is suitable for speed blogging
    • Crypto, or demo heavy talks spring to mind
  • Mistakes happen… I’m writing live after all
  • I don’t always understand everything… I’m only human
  • I can’t cover everything from the talk
  • Spelling mistakes, typos, and other such F ups are expected
    • If you see something please let me know in the comments

So, there you have it… like it or hate it… that’s speed blogging! If you see me sitting in a talk looking stressed and typing quickly, now you know why 😉

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