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Number of the beast

Well I’ve finally hit the milestone I’m sure everybody on Twitter aims for at one point or another. I’ve managed to brain-wash 666 people into following my inane ramblings and random comments on Twitter. I’m sure I’d have hit this milestone a lot quicker if I didn’t have a horrible tendency to block anybody who looks remotely like a bot (there are a lot more than you’d think), and of course n3td3v, I blocked him too to stop him retweeting anything (who’d want to be associated with that kind of thing ???). Sorry if you weren’t a bot, thems the breaks 😉

666followersIn celebration of this milestone I’ll make sure to bite the head off a bat at the next available opportunity. Next up 1337, at which point I hope to release a stunningly uninteresting XSS  zero-day exploit in an application nobody uses or cares about. Keep an eye out for that one…

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