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HackInTheBox comes to Amsterdam: Winners

I’d like to thank everybody who took part in the Hack In the Box Amsterdam FREE ticket draw. The winners have been drawn and will be advised by email in the next few hours.

Even if you didn’t win however, don’t dispar, as a special thank you for taking part you will all receive a discount code for €200 off the price of entry as a thank you for your support.

I hope you enjoyed the draw, and hope to have more for you in the future in coordination with the Eurotrash Security Podcast.


HackInTheBox comes to Amsterdam

I’m sure most of you already know the name HackInTheBox, but for those that don’t you’ve been really missing out something great. HackInTheBox has been going since early 2000 growing from a website into a big player in the live event space with conferences in Asia and the Middle East, but also a great community built around open discussion and information. For the first time since it’s inception however, HITB are running a European edition, to be held at the end of end of June/Beginning of July in Amsterdam. What a better place to promote “Keeping Knowledge Free” than one of the freest cities in Europe 😉

I was lucky enough to sit down with L33tdawg and Fish from the HackInTheBox crew to discuss the up coming conference and why they think it’s a different kind of conference compared to the others currently doing the rounds. The agenda (PDF) certainly looks interesting, and I’m kicking myself that I can’t attend personally. Alongside the presentations there will also be a number of labs and shorter lightening talks taking place, so there are things to keep everybody busy.

You can find the audio of my interview with L33tdawg and Fish on the Eurotrash Security Podcast RSS feed, or directly download it from here.


As we discuss in the podcast, HackInTheBox are giving away 2 tickets to the conference to lucky listeners of the podcast (or readers of the blog). All you have to do to enter is send an email to hitbeurope [AT]c22[DOT]cc to be entered into the contest. Entries for the competition must be in (if it’s not in the inbox, it’s not in the competition) by 24:00 (GMT) Wednesday 16th June. Like somebody I can’t remember once said… you’ve gotta be in it to win it! So get emailing now…

This is a great chance to get free tickets to what’s shaping up to be a great conference. Normal price (€899)

Note: Please read the short (and I do mean short) terms and conditions below before sending the email.

Terms and Conditions: Entrants must be able to make their own way to/home from the conference, and must arrange and pay for their own accommodation. The winners will be selected randomly and receive FULL entry to the conference (no training access is provided). Only 1 ticket per winner, and only 1 entry per person…. I will be checking! Winners will be contacted on Thursday 17th June.


Recap…. move on

So as it’s been a while since I took my hiatus, I need to bring everybody up to speed on what’s been happening the past few months. As I’m getting old and my memory isn’t what it used to be, I’ll try and be brief and expand on certain topics moving forward.

SANS Amsterdam

After some discussions with work we agreed that attending the new SANS 560 “Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking” class would be a good thing. Well, I convinced myself it would be good, and then.. well you get the clue. The course was held near to the airport in Amsterdam and was great fun on all levels. Although amongst the fun nights on the town, coffee shops and interesting shows, I learned a lot. The course was listed as one of the most technical offered by SANS and although it didn’t seem to technical at the time (thanks to the excellent course material by Ed Skoudis, and the few relaxed and informative presentation by John Strand), however as I begin to renew the topics for the exam, things aren’t as easy as they seemed at the course. That said, I’m sure I’ll do well in the exam, as I’m hoping to do work with SANS again in the future, possibly as a Mentor or as part of the work/learn program.

My first Article

Some people already know that I decided to take a stab at writing something for a magazine a few months back. The process of writing was a little harder than I thought, and I’m sure my girlfriend and parents are happy it’s over. I think I emailed my father at least 4 copies to proof read, most of them changing so quickly that he could never finish reading one before a new draft was ready. Still, things are looking up as Linux Pro Magazine in the US will be running it in the next edition (hopefully). It kind of ran over a little on the word count.. if you ask for a few pages at 800 words a page and get about 5,000 words, then it can be hard to squeeze in 😉 Still look out for a Snort Intrusion Detection article in a shop near you soon…. for those already using Snort or other IDS’s, this was a basic setup article, so no new ground broken for the first article. Maybe next time.

Work, life and everything in-between

It’s nice to live in a country were you can go for a swim in a lake when it’s hot…. nothing nicer than just sitting by a lake and relaying (which I hope to do this weekend if the weather holds). The downside is, I’m English. We just tend to turn bright red, peel and then get pale again. Still, better than always being white eh 😉 Work is challenging as usual. My German skills are (hopefully) getting a little better as time goes past, and learning new things is always a plus. Anyway, enough about work…. Gika (my girlfriend) has just finished University and it’s starting full-time at a web-content provider in the next few weeks. I’m very proud of her, as it’s been tough the last 3 years, dealing with University and me on-top. After all in our relationship I’ve lived in 3 different countries. If that’s not stressful then what is 😉 I like where I’m at now and don’t think I’d be anywhere near this place in my life, career and mind without her.

So expect some technical content coming up soon… it’s been too long since I’ve posted a command-line into this blog. So I’ll leave you with this to keep you busy.

for /F %i IN (hostname.txt) DO @ping -n 1 -w 500 %i | find /I “reply”

for /L %i IN (1,1,255) DO @ping -n 1 -w 500 192.168.0.%i | find /I “reply”

They’re quick and dirty… but if you need a ping sweep quick sharp, it’s tell you what’s up and what’s not. The first will do all hosts listed in a file, single ICMP packet with a timeout of 500ms. The second does the same ping but using all IP addresses from The FIND command filters the responses to only inform you of valid replies. For some much better examples you should checkout the Ed Skoudis presentations on command-line kung-fu. Check the SANS website.