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Eurotrashsec… the year that was!

2011 was a good year for the Eurotrash Security Podcast. We did some new stuff (being a media sponsor for the FIRST conference, and being 50% of the FIRST Podcast with Martin McKeay from the Network Security podcast), and we kept to an almost monthly schedule… which is much harder than you think. We also brought Ben (AKA Wicked Clown, AKA Mr Inappropriate) into the fold, and immediately started to need to edit out offensive content more often. A coincidence I’m sure 😉

In general 2011 was a big year for us… and 2012 could be even bigger. Eurotrashsec got nominated for a social security blogger awards in the best security podcast category! An honor to be sure… even if we don’t (and we won’t) win.

So what was up in 2011 for Eurotrashsec… well, the man behind the curtain, @xme, sent over some stats and a wicked mashup of episodes downloads overlayed on Google Maps… so let’s get to some stats.

General stats:

  • Total hits: 2.493.500
  • Total MP3 downloads: 103.346
  • Total unique IP’s: 56.152
  • Visits: 5.013
  • Unique visitors: 3.501
Nice to see that the podcast topped the 100,000 downloads in 2011. I’m sure Pauldotcom does that in a weekend, but we like to be niche… honest! It’s not to late to download the episodes you missed now you know 😉 –> XML

Top-5 countries:

  • UK
  • US
  • BE
  • DE
  • FR
I’m pretty sure that the French listeners will be dropping after the last podcast… still we like to try and be equal opportunity offenders (we like to offend everybody equally that is). So looks like we need to move up the list to our German listeners next 😀
I threw together some nice graphs in Excel (@wimremes is probably turning in his grave right now) that show the most popular episodes of 2011 and the downloads (full show and microtrash episodes). I also made a screenshot of @xme’s wonderful map overlay –> full version HERE

Let 2012 begin!